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Welcome to the new Witcham Village Hall website

Updated: May 25, 2021

The team at Witcham Village Hall have been working away in the background over the past few months, to bring the Village Hall into the 21st century!

The Trustees and volunteers at Witcham Village Hall have been listening to suggestions from the Witcham Village Hall users and hirers over the past couple of years. There seemed to be a real need for an online platform where people could find out the latest information about what was happening at the Village Hall, as well as wanting to see images of past events etc. And with the pandemic restricting visits and events this year, it was a stark reminder that we needed to get our services and information online.

Assisted by Signpost Media, Trustees were able to create a brand new website that would be easy to navigate and display all the services that the Hall has to offer. The website provides a platform where people can immediately download information and documents for those wishing to hire the Witcham Village Hall.

It's taken a few months to get here, but we're very happy with the finished product of our new website!

We hope you enjoy browsing the Witcham Village Hall website for information - we encourage any feedback or questions too!

Just email us at and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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