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World Peashooting Championship 2022

Witcham Village Hall committee very much wants to celebrate 50 years of World Peashooting, however, the decision has been taken to postpone the events in 2022. This decision has not been taken lightly.

Peashooting involves putting peas into the mouth and then blowing the peas down a cylinder. The pea is then projected towards a target where it lodges into a puttied target to receive a score.

Competitors and referees have to be in close proximity to the target and are vulnerable to spittal being projected in their direction. Referees felt at risk and so the committee made the decision to wait another 12 months to reduce any risk of spreading COVID amongst, referees, competitors and also spectators.

Other factors including the following were also taken into consideration:

  • the cost of buying PPE equipment and plastic divides for each target

  • the storage and sanitisation of equipment needed to set up an arena

  • time is now limited to prepare for this special and prestigious 50th event and attract a wide range of people

  • people were concerned that sometimes peashooters are shared and peas are randomly fired out of shooters around the grounds

The 50th Championship should stay at the centre Witcham village, as history dictates. The Peashoot was established to raise funds for Witcham Village Hall to help support the needs of the local community.

The committee are sorry if peashooting enthusiasts are disappointed about the decision to cancel the event this year. The intention is certainly to hold the event again in the future; the committee is in full support of celebrating 50 great years of Peashooting.

If anyone is interested in helping to plan the 50th Peashoot and make it the best World Championship yet please do contact a member of the village hall committee via All help is most welcome and would be much appreciated.

For more information about the history of the Peashoot go to the Peashooting tab on this website.

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